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Skilled house painters to beautify the home in Curl Curl

With the idea of colouring homes beautifully, Warhol House Painting started to offer painting services to the residents of Curl Curl two decades ago. We provide the most affordable and the best painting services in the region. We have the best painters in Curl Curl who promise to beautify the homes of the clients with paints that offer a premium quality finish. 

Being a trusted painting company in the area, we are truly dedicated to our work, and it is our passion that drives us towards becoming the leading painting company. Our skilled house painters pay attention to the tiniest details and ensure that every nook & corner of the home speaks of its beauty. 

Experienced painters 

Warhol House Painting is a reputed name in the list of house painting companies and has a bunch of skilled & experienced painters who have provided quality painting services down the lane. With a working experience of more than 25 years, our painters aim to achieve perfection with every painting project they take in hand. 

We paint our clients' homes to the most superior quality and provide our clients with an unmatchable experience. Our work boasts of our excellence in the field, and this sets us apart from the rest of the painting companies. 

Proper communication 

A key necessity for any project is proper communication between the painters in Curl Curl and the client. While there are so many painting companies in the market, barely a few of them consider this. Because of improper communication between the team and the client, the results are often disappointing and not up to the mark. However, one can rely on our team for proficient painting services as we communicate with our clients at every step. 

Customer satisfaction is important, and we make sure to update our clients regarding the advancements in the project. Our painters never take any decision into their hands and always inform the clients regarding any modifications to be done. If our clients approve the same, they move forward with the work otherwise they won't. 

Varying projects 

Not many painting companies can handle any kind of painting projects that clients come up with. Well, clients seeking the most reliable painters in Curl Curl that can handle painting projects of any size rely on us and approach our team for such painting projects. Our skilled painters can paint small as well as large residential painting projects. They not only take these painting jobs in their hands to finish them for namesake but also paint the homes efficiently to ensure that the work meets the expectations of our clients. 


As a leading painting company in the region, we understand that not every client approaching us is ready to spend a few extra dollars for a painting job. Many people plan to paint their homes on a small budget as they cannot afford to spend much on a painting project. So, we offer affordable painting services to our clients and ensure that we meet the budget. Warhol House Painting takes pride in providing quality painting services at a budget that clients from varying financial backgrounds can afford. With that, we promise to provide them with the best painting materials and an enhanced visual appeal of their homes. 

Our offerings 

While we have a team of skilled painters in Curl Curl, our painting services include but does not limit to: 

  • Interior house painting 
  • Exterior house painting 
  • Deck recoating 
  • Plaster repairs 
  • Window restoration works. 
  • Roof painting 
  • Paint removal 
  • Wood rot repairs 

Bored of the dull exteriors of the home that simply degrade its overall look? Planning to paint the home with beautiful colours that speak of the delightful interiors & stunning exteriors with their splashes? If not this, wishing to add value to the home to fetch a high market value on the resale of the home? Get in touch with the team of our painters on 0449617180 for a free price quote and colour consultation.